Killing Joke – Love Like Blood + Re-ups (German Maxi)

Back in the room after Beth’s Fortieth Weekend and 2 parents evenings, I’m a teacher you see.

It’s from ’85 and it already on here with the UK twelve but this is an ADG rip from Alan so always worth a listen, plus I get to re-up all their stuff.

One of producer Chris Kimsey’s finest pieces. The way the 12″ extends out and the juggernaut bassline is the finest bit of Indie Alt. Rock of the 80’s.

Loads of stuff re-upped below, get scrolling. (11 plus more to follow!)

More Killing Joke needed.”)+(1985)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

EG – 881 618-1
ALove Like Blood – Version6:40
B1Love Like Blood4:23
B2Blue Feather – Version4:10

4 thoughts on “Killing Joke – Love Like Blood + Re-ups (German Maxi)”

  1. Too much Killing Joke…blacking…out…!!!

    Naaaaaawww! Only joking. You can’t have too much Killing Joke! They are the music of our times. More and more, Every day.

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