Various – The Very Best Of Razormaid! VI (US CD)

Touché ! Mike B sneaked this over this week to compliment (and close) the series of unofficial mixes that some have enjoyed.

From 1989 and on CD (guess they were remastered from the vinyl’s) is a compilation of pure 80’s tracks. Some duplications but that’s why you have a delete button.

ABC kick us off with a megamix that covers most of their hits with an emphasis on the “Millionaire” era. (5)

Melon were a Japanese band who wanted to get in the mid 80’s electro scene. Rude lyrics and “Exorcist” and “World According to Garp” the rude ones! (4)

Zinno has his Bond tribute mastered onto the silver disc, a bit cheesy (3)

Vicious Pink get the ultimate version of their track “Can’t You See”- the ultimate Club version, Joseph Watt (and Art Maharg) at their finest but too long. (4)

Now on to “White China” IMO their most complex tech piece, especially the rhythm section, hence Razormaid had a go at it, shades of Roxy Music and even New Order (or is that just the drums!) Brilliant !! (5)

Anne Clarke gets some Proto House Beats, a Chicago classic. Calm down , Anne , calm down! (4)

“You Spin Me Right Round Hohokam!” on here in various forms, still not a fan! (3)

Canadian Tapps get quite a subdued bass heavy mix, compliments the lead vocals well. (4)

Telex deliver a lighter , synthpop on this update on the ’82 original. (4)

That Sean Heyden track gets another airing as it closes the album, yes a forgotten 80’s gems. Rock Disco. (4)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Razormaid Records – RM-CD-06

1ABCThe Poison Aire Medley11:46
2MelonSerious Japan (X-Rated-Mix)6:52
3ZinnoWhat’s Your Name? (Razormaid Mix)6:02
4Vicious PinkCan’t You See (Razormaid Special “CD Only” Version)8:22
5UltravoxWhite China (Razormaid Special Version)6:57
6Anne ClarkOur Darkness (Razormaid Special “CD Only” Version)6:39
7HohokamHarlequin Tears (Razormaid Mix)7:18
8TappsDon’t Pretend Now (Razormaid Mix)7:02
9TelexL’Amour Toujours (Razormaid Mix)7:00
10Sean HeydenParty Boy (Razormaid Mix)6:18

8 thoughts on “Various – The Very Best Of Razormaid! VI (US CD)”

      1. I never meant this to be a face-off/competition of any kind. Happy to be have been able to add my ”5 -cents” to this great blog.

  1. I have four of these tracks from Ravormaid’s 3rd Anniversary 2×12″ on yellow vinyl. I found a copy some years back priced at $8.99. Low for this sort of thing. When I slid the yellow records out of the cover and saw the first artist/title combo that would make me purchase: Ultravox – White China. Sold! I had wanted to hear this for years. Then I looked at the other titles in this issue. “Strangelove,” “Sensoria,” “Dr. Mabuse.” Mother McCree, I’d hit the Razormaid motherlode! Just about any mixes by Razormaid I’d want but were not on the issues I already had were focused into this delightful compilation. I purchased.

    The “White China” mix was pretty entertaining. Due to the mix/match nature of the song and its many mixes, I get the notion that it would be possible to keep this propulsive number going for as long as one wanted. When discussing this with Echorich as I listened to it, he opined that the intro suggested strongly the intro to New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” and I would not dispute that at all. As I like both songs, it amused me to hear one of my favorite late period Ultravox tunes warped into a New Order box.

    Telex, on the other hand, I’d not heard since hearing chasinvictoria’s copy of their second album and a US release from 1980, “Neurovision.” The song here dated from their fourth album and boy howdy, all I can hear is Moroder period Sparks. Not surprisingly, the Maels kibbutzed on Telex’s third album, “Sex” and from the sound of “L’amour t’jours” the apple didn’t roll very far from the tree even without Ron and Russell hanging around! Anyone who likes the “No. 1 In Heaven” album would find nothing but pleasure here. If by chance you don’t like “No. 1 In Heaven,” please consider using the “back” button in your browser of choice!

    Side 2 offered a taste of Melon; a Japanese group I’d heard of through ronkankefiles exhortations on the subject of them and member Tycoon Tosh, over the years. I wasn’t quite prepared for the joyously vulgar beat colossus that exploded from the headphones for over seven minutes. The groove reminded me of the hellbent intensity of Mark Stewart’s “Fatal Attraction [Contagious]” only the vibe was incredibly salty yet goofy at the same time with foul language galore and profane samples from films to twist the knife even deeper. When I heard this, I did not know whether to laugh or cringe, as the feeling was paradoxically upbeat and even joyous. I just don’t know about hearing more of Melon. It sounded great, but I’m still processing my feelings.

    As is common with Razormaid, they hook you with the hard stuff up front [Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Propaganda] then try to cut the mix with some lesser known music that Watt or Maharg championed. Sometime this worked out fine [Telex, Melon] but on side four the turkeys came home to roost. I’d never heard of Tapps or Until December, but they only offered hi-nrg gay disco synthpop – mid-80s style; lacking in spark and distinction. It happens.

  2. Vicious Pink can never have too long a mix of “Cccan’t You See”…. the song is just awesomeness X 1000… Thanks Mike !

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