Pet Shop Boys – Minimal Remixes (US Promo CD)

I’ve had this an absolute age so thanks to whoever shared. It’s a rare one!

Ten mixes to wade through and a definite one for the completists. I’m not going to go through every mix. Telex is involved as well as a couple of underwhelming Tiga mixes.

The main oddity is a version of “In Private” featuring Elton John on vocals!!

Rhino Records – PRCD-400166

1Minimal (Radio Edit)3:39
2Minimal (Tocadisco’s Sunday At Space Mix)8:02
3Minimal (M Factor Mix)8:46
4Minimal (M Factor Dub)7:41
5Minimal (Tiga’s M-I-N-I-M-A-L Remix)5:37
6Minimal (Tiga’s M-I-N-I-M-A-L Dub)5:35
7Minimal (Superchumbo’s Light & Shade Dub)R8:24
8Minimal (Telex Hell Remix)6:16
9Minimal (Telex Heaven Remix)4:27
10In Private (Tomcraft 7-Inch Mix)3:54
11Minimal (Album Version)4:21

4 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – Minimal Remixes (US Promo CD)”

  1. PSB’s best song of the modern era. On the 1000th listening you reach a point of zen that’s hard to describe in words. I’m looking forward to absorbing the remixes I haven’t heard. Thanks!

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