Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind (US Promo 12″)

’87 at the height of their pomp. Epic video and an epic cover version. Here with both the Mendelsohn and Phil Harding mixes and the quality B-side of “Do I Have To ?

How much Fairlight ?

EMI-Manhattan Records – SPRO-04036

A1Always On My Mind (Dance Version)8:07
A2Always On My Mind (7″ Instrumental)4:04
A3Always On My Mind (7″ Version)3:59
B1Always On My Mind (12″ Version)5:55
B2Always On My Mind (7″ Dub)2:04
B3Do I Have To?5:14

2 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind (US Promo 12″)”

  1. My favorite single of 1987. Absolutely glorious! I bought the 3-track CD-5 at the time. Many years later my wife bought me two [?] copies of the US commercial 12″ so I also have the [still unheard] Phil Harding mix. I was mostly CD format on PSB singles, and at one point I had about 60 various PSB CD singles, but I sold them off to finance some concerts and travel some years back. Once I got the B-side collection [in a “charity shop” for $1.00!!!] I felt I had what I needed the most after selling the singles. Their B-sides were exemplary! I thank my lucky stars that I only ever had a handful of the early PSB 12″ singles [US copies of most 1st LP singles and the “Heart [Remix]”] and stopped with the vinyl once the 2nd album singles came on CD. I would have gone broke following vinyl and CD mixes.

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