Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Remix) (CDS)

DMC’s Phil Kelsey just adds some drum machines and added piano to this classic from 1978. A huge party tune updated for ’93 for Weddings, Funerals and Bah Mitzvah’s the World over.

The Extended mix is again subtly done, just venturing off into House territory in the last third, revealing a huge bass and dark chords. The “Alternative Club Mix” is the pick, piano House and adding some sax at the end.

Didn’t know the original 12″ was that long and the extra brass and sax but it is sung twice! Those strings, though!

Polydor Classics – PZCD 270

1I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey 7″ Remix)3:46
2I Will Survive (Original 7″)3:15
3I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Classic 12″ Mix)7:52
4I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Alternative Club Mix)5:02
5I Will Survive (Original 12″ Version)8:02

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