5000th Post! – FGTH – Two Tribes and some comments and polls.

Beginnings and Philosophy

At the very start I had a few boxes of vinyl that I was ripping and wanted to share it with like-minded people. I was inspired by a blog called CastlesInSpace which posted similar obscure content.

Many years ago,well before 2013, I had a blog called 80’svinylgems on blogger and I also did another blog on a long since disappeared blogging platform Posterous, a companion called 90’svinylgems or was it eightiesvinylgems? Anyway, I got shut down a couple of times that both frightened me and made me more determined. A try to throw the net out wide enough as I don’t mind most genres of music so anything goes on here. I’ve spent quite a few quid “feeding the baby” as stuff runs out but have been saved, numerous times, by my contributors which I attempt to curate to broaden my musical palette. I’m proud to have a list of followers, get a kick from comments (or kick out) and can proclaim 2,112,296 views as of (13:00 on 25/02/2021) and 331,371 visitors.


Mr Disco, who I believe runs this blog, used to gave encouraging comments in the early days. Not heard from him for ages but there is always a problem communicating between the blogger and wordpress platforms.


Who could forget the many requests of Krawinkel made and the continued request of matt

Many years ago I was contacted by Jez who was just starting his blog, the wonderful, irrelevant and wordy. He virtually copyrighted “The Chain”


He was also inspired by the maestro of Scottish music JC and the webmaster of (who got kicked off blogger at the same time)


Always in the background and I’ve stalked him for a while is the lovely, dance orientated Acid Ted, who has been going it seems since the Internet was invented.


Recently more people have become interested and contribute to the comments. The musical encyclopedia that is Post Punk Monk


And the sage-like Echorich, who I’ve always admired.



Mike B came along and saved the blog my sending over his contributions and still does. WINX sent some some rare stuff over that I’ve used. Fred from his base in the Netherlands sent over a huge amount of stuff from his vast collection. Malik Dequan Jefferson drops the odd contribution that I sometimes miss, Paulo X and Andreas has chipped in with odd gem as does Lo (very cautiously)

So Thank You One And All!!!

I really think I will not be doing this in a years time but I said that after a 1000 posts and 2000 posts etc…

So I keep my “little”blog going, not writing too much and keeping the music free so you might actually explore the band a bit more.

Once again thanks for your continued support. If I’d have monetarised it I might of happily retired or been a high profile case for copyright piracy, who knows? And leading onto this threat which is always hanging over me.

So here is the music that you probably scrolled down to find anyway!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Maxi CD)

All probably on here or you have already but now from CD (thanks Mike B) A personal favourite and here with all the interesting mixes. Love the Hibakusha mix! Enjoy!




1Two Tribes (Fluke’s Minimix)3:50
2Two Tribes (Don’t Want To Die)4:11
3Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix)5:27
4Two Tribes (Fluke’s Magimix Instrumental)5:27
5Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix)6:35
6Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix)9:09

24 thoughts on “5000th Post! – FGTH – Two Tribes and some comments and polls.”

  1. 5000 crikey. Quite a broad stream of content here. You never know what you’ll find here ….. BTW. I have been expecting you to run out of content long a go.

  2. Wow! 5000 that’s cool! On the first poll, I could have checked any of the answers and they would have all been true. I check the site everyday and almost always see something I didn’t know about. Thanks for doing all that you do day in and day out.

  3. Thanks gang, I have really enjoyed this place. Wish I had more to share but yall are the collectors, mostly I am the happy leech that gets to learn the rarer side of music.

  4. I’d like to do a shout to all the people (especially Djjedredy) for curating all these collectibles from myself and others.
    Thanks to all the regular blog visitor’s for requesting and bringing suggestions here in hopes of (US-Djjedredy/Me -Mike) buying/suppling more tunes here or recommendations as great bands & songs!!

    Thanks to all -They would be– Lo, Vim Baselink, Musicus, Matt076 (If he is the big requester), Echorich, Tim, Winx (Fine supplier of posts/remixes & Live Band experiences, and recommendations), Andreas (For his massive remix collection/suggestions), and many more people/bloggers (apologies if I left you out!!) including the recent Fred for his big box of stuff here!

    Last but not least Postpunkmonk for his vast knowledge of music and experiences including all his additions, including more music to check out from what he has collected!

  5. So glad you didn’t pull the plug the first time you tested the water. Or the second 😛

    It’s great to see different styles brought to the attention of music lovers. I’ve gone off and bought music based on what I’ve heard here, and been able to fill holes in my collection (I might have originally bought an obscure track on cassette and haven’t been able to find it anywhere else). RIP Cassette boombox. How I miss thee.

    So keep on spinning us round – your curation is cure-all for my musical maladies.

  6. Holy Moly! 5000 Posts! I’ve got a long way to go there! [about 2150 @ PPM] but it’s not about quantity! We like blogs for the quality, and myvinyldreams is quality curation! I can’t wait to see what comes next here and I’m not even into MP3 DLs! It’s part of my daily blog reading and if any of my readers wanted me to host downloads, it’s pointless. I’d just point them in this direction since over the years I’ve been a regular here, it seems like at least 25% – 40% of my collection has figured here! And once in a while even an old hack like me learns about something new that flew under my radar! Keep the hits coming, djjedredy! And thanks for the kind shoutout! And you’re right. When rocking “Two Tribes” go for the classic. Go Hibakusha!

  7. 5000… incredible! This and dubioustaste are my goto blogs for rediscovering old music I’d forgotten about or missed first time round. Always appreciate your effort, keep it going!!

  8. Congratulations on another huge milestone. Thank you for my shout out too 🙂 I do appreciate all that goes into this blog and everyone that keeps it going along with all the great music I discover here. Hope this journey continues for some time.

  9. Since I’ve requested a lot of stuff from you, I thought it was time to give something back 🙂 With that nasty covid, I’ve had a lot of free time during the past 12 months or so and i’ve started to rip my vinyl collection. I’ve been a DJ since more than 20 years so we’re talking about more than 5,000 12″…and I won’t even mention the 7″, LP’s or CD’s lol (I haven’t ripped them all yet, only a few 100’s because I edit them after to get near CD quality). I don’t have any website so I have to place to share them, so my question is would you be interested in getting them ? Just let me know and I can upload a few for them so you can check them out 🙂

    1. Fire away! I curate everything before it goes up, giving it a once over. Mike B was the first to ask to contribute ( a founding father as it were) then Fred has given literally Gigabytes of stuff, other people have chipped in now and again. I myself have loads to rip (I just bought 5 twelves today!) Your only problem is seeing if it is on here already (even though the link maybe dead I still have the files!) Anything goes on here and you’ll be part of our small, geeky community. Here’s the magic email jong451@gmail.com to send the stuff over.

      1. OK I’ll upload some stuff and send you the link by mail. I can upload to mega or turbobit.net unless you prefer another host ?

  10. Good to se your back on the vinyl purchasing scene!! Hope there isn’t too many doubles or posts that beat me to it.

    I have about 4 cd’s to send over I wanted to include with my last CD batch send.

    Then vinyl’s only for me to send a little later as I build up slowly, glad you have others to fill in and blog!!

    1. I know, I have to check. Grace Jones “Love Is A Drug” 12″, Camel twelve, Starship”It’s Not Enough”, Skinny Puppy “Inquisition” and View From A Hill “I’m No Rebel” – just todays haul.

  11. Hey, I have around 30GB of multitracks of classic songs from the 60’s all the way through to the early 90’s.

    I’d be happy to share whichever you want with you. Let me know if you’re interested.

  12. Hi, what’s the best way to send you a list of what I have, happy to share what I have with you. I mainly collect studio multitracks, I have around 30GB worth from the 60’s thru to 90’s.

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