Sunday Silly Song – 117 – Captain Sensible – Wot ’93 (German CD Single)

And he’s done the treble! (albeit with the same song twice)

In keeping with the theme of the last few weeks, the novelty rap track from 1982 gets a re-vamp with a remix from label boss Ralph Ruppert. Obviously sped up with more of breaks and synths, it keeps most of the spirit of the original with the funk guitar, some organ was added and a smidgeon of Rave sounds.

Psychedelia Indie Dance for the B-side,”Life Up In The Stars,” from the LP “The Universe Of Geoffrey Brown” – inventive indie with backing Vocals – Lis Aitken and Martin Newell, Cello, Backing Vocals – Rachel Bor, Drums – Martin Wilson, Guitar – Mel Galley (Whitesnake) and Keyboards – Nigel Haslem.

Here the link to the other “Wot!”

ZYX Music – ZYX 7086-8

1Wot ’93 (7” Mix)4:02
2Wot ’93 (12” Mix)4:54
3Life Up In The Stars4:00

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