Missing Persons – Missing Persons + Reups + Remix (US Mini Vinyl LP)

From 1982 and an E.P. (it is NOT a mini- LP – I’m sure that is 6 tracks) Quirky New Wave from Dale Bozzio, (Vocals) the Late Warren Cuccurullo, (Vocals and guitars) Trantham Whitley, (Synths) Terry Bozzio (Drums, Vocals and Synths) and Gary Guttman (Guitar Synth, Bass) All produced by Ken Scott.

As it is a UK V US theme this has typical Americanism’s , cheesy vocals , too many guitars and a Rock side to it. You could tell it was from US (ignoring the accents 🙂 ) in just its composition.

My favourite track is “I like Boys” reminds me over early Bill Nelson (weirdly) and “Mental Hopscotch” and its driving bass.

More Missing Persons here;


And here;





Capitol Records ‎– DLP-15001 SAM_6982

A1 Words 4:25
A2 Destination Unknown 3:40
B1 I Like Boys 2:39
B2 Mental Hopscotch 3:16

Kept hold of this for a while but here is a couple of 90’s (1999) remixes of a couple of tracks from the above E.P. They appeared on the Cleopatra Compilation “Remixed Hits” but this is from a Promo 12.”

The TV Mania Mix was by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran & Warren Cuccurullo. Ramping up the fuzzed guitar and giving it some attitude.

Consolidated’s Mark Pistel’s remix didn’t make it on the album. A weird mix of bleeps, industrial bass, breaks and the song (somewhere in there)



Cleopatra ‎– CLP 0543-1 SAM_2642

A1 Destination Unknown (TV Mania Mix) 4:17
B1 Windows (Mark Pistel Remix) 4:57



One thought on “Missing Persons – Missing Persons + Reups + Remix (US Mini Vinyl LP)”

  1. Thank you for all of these. Missed the earlier ones “back in the day” somehow, so I appreciate the chance to pick them up. I remember when this band first appeared. They were a “new wave” band and I didn’t like the genre much but I kind of like the songs I heard. A few years later when I want on my own musical discovery I dove deep into the Missing Persons catalog and saw the ties to Zappa and it made me really admire them a heck of a lot more.

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