Theme For Next Week – CD Week !


Like most of you I guess I have very few CD’s from the 80’s. Didn’t have a player and couldn’t afford them. In the mid 90’s I started to horde Promo CD’s – I think I have over 2000 varying from Promo Album’s and Singles – they were cheap and I used to come back with a bundle for about a £10. I started revisiting them last year and came across the dreaded CD Rot! Why were CD’s marketed as indestructible when they suffered from degradation – so I had to throw some out (Screams Inside!)

Mike posted some over last week so I thought we’ll do a CD week of rare stuff, keeping it to the 90’s (and hopefully some 80’s) Hopefully it’ll be rare and interesting for you.

10 thoughts on “Theme For Next Week – CD Week !”

  1. Really? I thought CD Rot was an urban myth. Have had very few problems with CDs myself. They “Go” sometimes around the edges which dont affect play. A few skip in the player, especially if they are “full up” and play the full 74 or whatever minutes. The only really unplayable one i got is a Billy Bragg CD which didnt play properly soon after purchase and wont play at all now.

  2. CD rot is real, Don’t leave any CD’s in the basement storage (any dampness)…. Lost a good 100 cd’s by that mistake. Ouch. Seems the disks are porous and the thin metal in them just rots when subjected to any moisture.

  3. CDs have a clear sealer coat under normal circumstances that prevents oxidation of the playing surface. CDs pressed by British PDO in the late 80s-early 90s were improperly sealed using the wrong chemical, and the aluminum metallic playback layer will oxidize. Turning the distinctive Bronze colo[u]r and it will eventually become unplayable. I first encountered this immediately after buying the Spandau Ballet CD5 of “Be Free With Your Love.” By the mid 90s, PDO corrected this problem. More here:

  4. Actually, looking at your photo I see that as a completely different problem that I also encountered. Definitely not disc rot. In 1990 [a bad year for CD manufacturing] I bought the very expensive Simple Minds “Themes” boxed sets of CD singles in elaborate fold-out Digipaks. Within a year when I was playing these discs a second time after purchase, I saw the discs in those cases having that looked like circles of frost and white haze affecting the playback surface, and I realized that it was down to the white plastic UK Digipaks chemical composition reacting [badly] with the disc surface. This most emphatically DID NOT happen with US Digipaks. Ever.

    So I removed all of the 20 discs from their cases. Most had some “frosting” and I found that I could remove the haze by using Pioneer laserdisc cleaning fluid and CD wipes and a LOT of elbow grease. I managed to get most or all of the haze removed and today the discs are all still playable. They have been stored for 31 years in ordinary jewel boxes.

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