Book Of Love ‎– Lullaby (US 12″)


Early Synthpop from Book Of Love from 1989. As usual a number of mixes and a b-side. They didn’t short change their fans! Lullaby was the title track of their second album.

A slight New Order bassline and some nice harmonies in a Dream Pop style. All tracks were remixed by Daniel Abrahams with Chep Nunez on the edits. Two vocals mixes and two dubs. The Insomnia Mix being the more Club orientated of the 2, some little bits of Proto Acid amongst the Space noises.

“Oranges And Lemons” does actually reference the English folk song, making it quite a weird lyric with a simple synth backing.


Sire ‎– 9 21101-0 SAM_2455

A1 Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix) 6:56
A2 Lullaby (Dream Dub) 6:59
A3 Lullaby (7″ Remix) 4:15
B1 Lullaby (Insomnia Mix) 6:47
B2 Lullaby (Dub Somnia) 5:41
B3 Oranges And Lemons 3:32

2 thoughts on “Book Of Love ‎– Lullaby (US 12″)”

  1. For a while there I collected Book Of Love but never managed to buy this single on 12″ I tended to stick with US promo CDs with the remixes as I had for “Lullaby.” But the CD promo was missing a few mixes here.

  2. Nice, liking the dream mix and the 7″ mix…. Always had their song Modigliani (I Dream Of Jeanne Mix) as a work of art…. Their song Boy (remix) was almost just as salty/risky/suggestive as anything the Divinyls put out. Not that at my age I much care so much as I did as a hormonal kid. Their song Witchcraft (a play on I dream of Jeanie) was fun. I think I will kill some time to see how they pulled a few songs off live on YouTube now. Thanks again !

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