Shooting Party ‎– I Know That Mood (12″)


Obscure band of the Month – Shooting Party

The synth duo of Gary Strange (bass and vocals) and Roger P. Ferris (vocals) emerged from 70’s band, who were just as obscure but liked their guitars.

This was their debut release from 1985 before they were taken under the wing of PWL in the late 80’s and smeared with THAT sound.

This was produced by Stuart Kerrison, who was in the late 70’s band Scandal and was a budding producer. The sound is orchestrated (it starts off with an orchestra tuning up) and bombast with some chugging guitar over the top of a clipped bass. Trying to revisit the decades earlier New Romantic sound, it does sound like mid-80’s OMD. (if it didn’t have that guitar)

Cowbell electronic production appears on the B-side, more dance orientated with a sequenced bass, synth noises and the ever present guitar (not lost their rock band roots it seems) I’m getting a flavour of Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Liverpool era) via Thin Lizzy ?!?

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Siren ‎– SIREN 12-12SAM_8271

A I Know That Mood (Royal Box Version)
B One Shot (Bhaji Mix)

Kon•Kan ‎– I Beg Your Pardon (Canadian 12″)

A bit of a synthpop classic from the Canadian duo (Barry Harris and Kevin Wynne), Kon Kan which was released in 1988. Fans of New Order should look away now as it is very similar and I actually thought it was them back in the day!!

All the mixes do what they say. The Club Mixes has some unusual sound bite samples. It uses a short lyrical sample of Lynn Anderson’s song ‘Rose Garden’ to give it its title, but it sits a bit out of place on the general indie synthpop feel.

The “In The Green” Mix is really an early House track, with some acid squelches and a simple bassline and the Anderson sampled played backwards and some of the main chords mutated, with a very loud bit of female swearing towards the end !!!


Revolving Recordskon ‎– 12 REV003

A1 I Beg Your Pardon (Club Mix) 6:38
A2 I Beg Your Pardon (Instrumental Remix) 5:40
A3 I Beg Your Pardon (Radio) 3:55
AA1 I Beg Your Pardon (In The Green – House Mix) (Theb-4We Re-Mixitmix) 7:43
AA2 I Beg Your Pardon (Bonus Beats) 3:25
AA3 I Beg Your Pardon (Percapella) 3:16

Nu Shooz ‎– Don’t Let Me Be The One (US Promo 12″)

Nu Shooz were a husband and wife duo from Portland, Oregon. (Valerie Day and John Smith) This was off their second album, “Poolside” from 1986 and had studio contributions from 3rd Member, Rick Waritz.

Funky electronic dance with the vocal sampler being used as an instrument, a typical mid-80’s trick.  For fans of 80’s horns (Ron Regan on saxophone and Lewis Livermore on trumpet) on trumpet and  and talented keyboard playing, the mixes were provided by the legendary duo of John Morales & Sergio Munzibai from the original mix by Shep Pettibone.

Unashamed 80’s Pop. The “More Stuff” mixes are a little more loose and experimental, if you can do this to 80’s pop!!


Atlantic ‎– DMD 989nued

A1 Don’t Let Me Be The One (Vocal / Extended Version) 6:07
A2 Don’t Let Me Be The One (Vocal / Edit) 4:30
B1 Don’t Let Me Be The One (More Stuff) 6:02
B2 Don’t Let Me Be The One (Even More Stuff) 4:06

Pete Shelley ‎– Sides Of Pete Shelley (US Promo 12″)

A US Promo to promote his first solo LP and released in ’82. Three strong tracks co-produced with Martin Rushent at Genetic Studios. It advertises “Special Mixes” but as a collector I couldn’t tell the difference on “Homosapian”, maybe on “Yesterday’s Not Here” but it is very subtle with a different percussion and louder guitars. The B-side is quite similar but very different to earlier “I Don’t Know What It Is” where Rushent does a bit of “Love & Dancing” on the mix. (Remember this was Pre-Dare but only just!)


Here is a link to the other 12″‘s of that period with refreshed links;


Arista ‎– SP-133 DMSAM_1647

A1 Homosapien (Special Dance Mix) 4:27
A2 Yesterday’s Not Here (Special Dance Mix) 4:32
B Witness The Change/ I Don’t Know What It Is (Extended Combo Version) 8:16


Silly Sunday Song – 24 – P4F ‎– Notorious Medley With Le Freak / Mister X (Maxi 12″)

Another Silly Song from the trio of Cecchetto, Sabiu and Caprani.

A 1987 Mash-Up of Notorious by Duran Duran and Le Freak’s Freak Out, not the original singers therefore not sampled but quite good fun!

The B-side is a harmonica (?) led mid-paced House track. Pre-dating The Grid’s “Swampthing”


ZYX Records ‎– ZYX 5612noto

A Notorious Medley With Le Freak 5:48
B Mister X 4:03

M + M ‎– Song In My Head (Canadian 12″)

(Or Martha And The Muffins) The re-brand happened after a change in the bands line-up; how to start with a crap band name and try to stick with it. The band were now a duo of Martha Johnson and guitarist Mark Gane.

Funky Pop from 1986 produced with David Lord it includes Ruby Turner on backing vocals, session drummer Yogi Horton and percussion by veteran Dick Smith. The PPG Wave synth is all over the sound, especially on the 2 mixes by Mike Jones. There is a synth solo I am pleased to report!!


Current ‎– WASH-7mmmm

A1 Song In My Head (Dance Mix) 6:43
A2 Song In My Head (Single Mix) 3:58
B1 Song In My Head (Dub Mix) 6:04
B2 Song In My Head (Album Mix) 4:34

Intaferon – Baby Pain (12″)


The last single from the duo of Simon Fellowes and Simon Gillham from 1984 and produced with David Motion. The style is still synthpop but with an edge.

“Baby Pain” is a classic bit of writing with a blend of synths and guitars. Fellowes even re-recorded a version of this for the album, “Gun”, as Simon F. The extended version has more of a synth sounds and plenty of the usual 12″ tricks.

The B-side seems like a song lost in a mix, plenty of drum machines and half sung lyrics with a distinct Indie feel to it.

Thanks for the original share from from A.J. (Andie James) who has a blog over here;


Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2788baby

A1 Baby Pain 3:40
A2 Baby Pain Again 6:02
B Hold The Bunker (Feel Real Big) 6:15


Simon F. – I Want You Back (US 12″)

A bit of synth-rock from Simon F. (Simon Fellowes formally of Intaferon) and the guitars have been cranked up whilst the synths are still kept high in the mix. It never got a UK release and just listening to the production style it was geared to the American Market. Produced by Steve Stevens (a mate of Billy Idol’s and he wrote the “Top Gun” Soundtrack) and William Wittman with the remix by Chris Lord-Alge. It was the lead single from the album “Gun.”

Stevens also plays guitar on the track which was a cover a Hoodoo Guru track. The Dub is more of an instrumental, how big are those drums ?


Chrysalis ‎– 4V9 42908SAM_7803

A I Want You Back (Extended Mix) 5:14
B I Want You Back (Dub Version) 5:08

Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers ‎– Look Who’s Dancing (US 12″)

More Pop Reggae  than anything else and another ’89 release.

Ziggy Marley was joined by some more of the Marley family; Cedella Marley, Sharon Marley, Stephen Marley and Erica Newell – as The Melody Makers to provide some vocal clout.

Nellee Hooper and Jazzie B provide the remix sheen and dance beats in a typical late ’80’s style, especially on the “Silent” and “Dubbing” mixes, very dancefloor friendly. The pick of the mixes is the final one mixed by Femi Jiya, not really a Dub but a different arrangement.


Virgin ‎– 0-96538zigg

A1 Look Who’s Dancing (Club Mix) 5:38
A2 Look Who’s Dancing (Silent Mix) 5:55
B1 Look Who’s Dancing (Dubbing Mix) 6:00
B2 Look Who’s Dancing (12″ Dub) 5:57

UB40 ‎– Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (US Promo 12″)

A couple of reggae-lite offerings for today.

Kicking off with UB40 and their ’89 release from the “Labour Of Love II” album. Here with a couple of rare remixes. A cover of the Al Green track from 1973.

Came across some technical info as at the time the band were embracing the new technology. “Roland S-50 snare drums mixed with Oberheim DMX snare drums and the Roland D-50 internal patch “Horn Section”- I have an S-50 but couldn’t get it to sound like that 🙂

The “Dance Mix” has a lot of dub effects on the horns and a different bass line. The longer “21 ” ” mix is an extended version of the 7.”

The B-side originally written by Bobby Rogers and Smokey Robinson is a nice bonus.

The “The Way You Do The Things You Do (Remix)” by Jungle Zone Productions has a different bass line and a shuffle dance beat, as well as some nice synth pads.


Virgin Records America, Inc. ‎– DMD 1583SAM_0723

A1 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (21″ Mix) 6:10
A2 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (Dance Mix) 4:36
B1 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (7″ Mix) 4:03
B2 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (LP Version) 3:59
B3 The Way You Do The Things You Do (LP Version) 3:01
B4 The Way You Do The Things You Do (Remix) 3:27