Fish – Big Wedge (12″)

Anti-American, anti-capitalist comment from former Marillion front man Fish (Derek William Dick). Off his debut album , “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors.” given a full on production by Jon Kelly, with James Bond overtones.

Prog Rock with some nice keyboards on this full 8 minute version. Featuring Carol Kenyon and Tessa Niles on backing vocals,  Mark Brzezicki on drums, John Giblin on bass, The Kick Horns on brass, Hal Lindes (ex Dire Straits) and Frank Usher on guitars and Mickey Simmonds (ex Camel) on keys, who also co-wrote and arranged it.

“Your credit rating’s good for a Madonna or a Bardot a Dali or a Picasso for his wall.”

B-side “Jack And Jill” is a Power Ballad and one of those hidden gems tucked away as a B-side and is very Genesis (that keyboard interlude!)

A powerful cover of Alex Harvey’s, “Faith Healer” recorded live from the ’89 Tour is the bonus track, nice synth solo on here too.


EMI ‎– 12EM 125wedge

A Big Wedge
B1 Jack And Jill
B2 Faith Healer (Live)


3 thoughts on “Fish – Big Wedge (12″)”

  1. This is a great single. For comparison, check out the re-recording Fish did for one of his greatest hits collections (Ying? Yang? Can’t remember which one). Both are superb.

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