Paul Hardcastle ‎– Rain Forest + Forest Fire (US 12″ and UK 12″)


Electro funk from Paul Hardcastle with this ’84 classic, pre- “19” release.

A jazzy vibe with some pleasant chimes and whistles, quite inoffensive.

“Soundchaser” is a bit harder with vocoder lead and sounding a bit like Hardcastle’s “The Wizard” (used as Top Of The Pops Theme) which he released in 1986. Amazing what you can do with just and Prophet 5 and tr808.


Profile Records ‎– PRO-7059rain

A Rain Forest 5:12
B Sound Chaser 5:50

Mike B has supplied this UK version which has a different B-side. More leafy electro with “Forest Fire.” Re-released in ’85 the new track is far more electro, with a bit of scratching and more use of the sampler. You can tell it’s a later recording as it’s mastered much louder.

Bluebird – BRT 15

ARain Forest4:50
BForest Fire7:20

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