16 -Bit – The First 5 Singles

So many thanks for Winx for this, he has shared with us this bundle of early, Germanic EBM. A side project by Luca Anzilotti & Michael Münzing. This was prompted by my recent post from the band Up which featured the duo plus Sven Väth on vocals.Sven even does some vocals on their debut single “Where Are You?”  Heavily influenced by Yello with a little bit of DAF in there.


WHERE ARE YOU ? (We Know The Way) (Remix) from 1986


A Where Are You? (Remix) 7:33
B Here We Are! (Dub) 7:56

CHANGING MINDS from 1987 (dedicated to the Amiga 500)


A Changing Minds 6:28
B Changing Minds (Instrumental) 6:11

(INA) GABBA-DA-VIDA from 1987 (featuring Edwin Hind from Virgin Dance)







16 Bit Featuring Eddie Hind (Ina) Gadda-Da-Vida 9:09
16 Bit The Garden Of Eden 6:47

TOO FAST TO LIVE (from 1988)


A Too Fast To Live (Left Lane Edit) 6:00
B Be Quiet (Laser Edit) 6:37

HI – SCORE (a CD Maxi Single from 1989)


1 Hi-Score (Level 1 Mix) 5:19
2 Hi-Score (Level 2 Mix) 5:49
3 Hi-Score (Level 3 Mix) 3:29
4 Hi-Score (Level 4 Mix) 4:51

One thought on “16 -Bit – The First 5 Singles”

  1. lol … my kids know all the words to WHERE ARE YOU … Even if you are not a believer in the almighty … love it!

    you just made me realize that I don’t have anything by VIRGIN DANCE

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