Gene Loves Jezebel ‎– Twenty Killer Hurts (US Promo 12″)

Rocking up the guitar with this rarity from Gene Loves Jezebel from 1987. Lots has been made of remixers on here, Ivan Ivan yet again is responsible for these mixes ; but hats off to the edits done by Roger Pauletta (2 In A Room) who adds some beats to this rocky groove. This was off their 4th album “The House Of Dolls” before the brothers acrimoniously split. This is a stonker of a twelve inch mix! Keeping the rock and beats at just the right balance.

Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-2998gene

A Twenty Killer Hurts (Killer 12″) 6:34
B1 Twenty Killer Hurts (Killer Dub) 5:50
B2 Twenty Killer Hurts (Killer Instr.) 3:39

Fischer-Z ‎– Perfect Day (12″)

The cult early 80’s band made a come back with this single back in 1987. Catchy songwriting from the mainman and the distinct vocals John Watts and really a solo project. (still doing music and massive in Germany) This is produced by Watts with an unusual , experimental 12″ making use of the samplers to cut down and rearrange parts of the track with a quirky intro. Would work with Big Audio Dynamite’s E=MC 2. This did well in Australia and has a great B-side, a love song about female writer, “Marguerite” Yourcenar (it appeared later on the album “Destination Paradise”) a bit of Calypso acoustic strum….lovely stuff.

Arista ‎– 609 396SAM_2608

A The Perfect Day (12″ Version) 6:21
B1 The Perfect Day (7″ Version) 3:58
B2 Marguerite


B-Movie – Switch On – Switch Off / Forever Running (US Promo 12″)

Getting the finger out time….

Okay a bit of a weird one from B-Movie as they were being marketed for the US by their new record company Sire. The two writers were Steve Hovington and Paul Statham, both helped form the group in 1979 in Mansfield in the Midlands. Bring in Ivan Ivan on the remix of “Forever Running” and Bruce Forrest on the dance groove of “Switch On – Switch Off” and this 1985 release sounds a little dated for the mid 80’s with it’s bass sequencer and trademark piano lead. It suffers from that chugger chugger guitar (all “White Wedding” style) but it does have a great chorus ending up all a cappella. A double A-side with “Forever Running” (the title track off their album) is much more experimental with a weird Jarre-esque introduction drifting into a some synthetic horn-led groove a bit like Infected era The The. The preferred track, back in the 80’s groove.

Sire ‎– PRO-A-2345bmoved

A1 – Switch On – Switch Off (Switch On Rock Mix) – 7:02

A2 – Switch On – Switch Off (Edit) – 3:55

B1 – Forever Running (Long Running Version) – 7:10

B2 – Forever Running (Edit) – 5:03

Joan Armatrading ‎– Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart) (US Promo 12″)

More powerful female vocals on this later one from Joan Armatrading from 1986. Mixed by Steve Lillywhite this had quite a bit of synth and sample sound going on with additional percussion by veteran Ray Cooper who has played with all the stars. (Eric Clapton and Elton John to name but a few) Funky bass from Tony Levin and a great chorus and from the album, “Sleight Of Hand” so check that out.

Lots of Fairlight sounds abound on the atmospheric “Figure Of Speech” Powerful and very Peter Gabriel-like. LOVE her voice.


A&M Records ‎– SP-12184SAM_8496

A Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart) (Extended Mix) 6:42
B1 Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart) 3:46
B2 Figure Of Speech 3:26

Helen Terry – Stuttering (12″)

From 1984 and coming to the public eye through being a backing singer with Culture Club.

This was her debut single and another Don Was production with “Tokes” Potoker on the mix. A great voice with some soulful synth backing in this mid-tempo groover. Cue some horns, heavy guitar and a huge synth bass. The “Dub Mix” actually stutters!!! A bit of a lost 80’s classic, all part of the service.

Virgin ‎– VS 724-12SAM_3989

A Stuttering (Club Mix)
B1 Stuttering (7″ Version)
B2 Stuttering (Dub Mix)

Test Dept. – Victory (12″)


More quirky, experimental stuff by Test Dept. this time from 1987.

From Discogs

The group was formed in New Cross, south-east London in late 1981. All unemployed, and with listening tastes ranging from soul to classical music, they searched out whatever they could find to make music with, and for the most part this consisted of scrap metal salvaged from waste ground and derelict factories. The reason had as much to do with lack of money as it had to do with a dislike for conventional rock instruments. Originally, they used bass guitars and other conventional instruments, but these were fairly rapidly dropped as they obtained more industrial percussion, and found that these created a stronger and more consistent sound.

This was only their third single release (don’t think they considered themselves a Singles band!) released through Some Bizarre and mixed at Fon Studio’s in Sheffield. The main track features vocals by Sarah Jane Morris and features a brass section, arranged by band member John Eacott (who was in pop band Roman Holiday (!!!) and went on to be in jazz assemble Loose Tubes) The main track sounds  like a National Anthem from one of those small ex-Commonwealth countries. Bagpipes appear again on the reeling “Cha Till Sinn Tuille” The electronics and beats kick in “Demonomania” remixed by Brydon and Gordon. A flavour of electro with World Music samples, a hidden groovy gem.

Ministry Of Power ‎– 12 MOP 13victory

A1 Victory 3:59
A2 Cha Till Sinn Tuille (We Shall Return No More) 4:31
AA Demonomania (Remix) 5:41

Test Dept. and Brith Gof ‎– Gododdin (LTD 12″)


Going off on a limb here with this bit of experimental /industrial from 1988. Almost a “Game Of Thrones” atmosphere to this via Tolkien with a mix of Welsh and English voices over a treated orchestrated backing. This was a collaboration between the pioneering industrial band and Welsh avant-garde theatre company Brith Gof. A show they performed in Wales, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Scotland, was a dramatisation of the annihilation of a small Celtic army by the invading Angle’s at Catraeth in 600 A.D. It premiered at the abandoned Rover car factory in Cardiff, transformed using 600 tons of sand, 50 trees, 30 wrecked cars and a set that flooded as the performance progressed. Brith Gof provided music and voice, accompanying their movement, while TD provided a blend of percussion and bagpipes enhanced with physical performance.

I’m very intrigued and will check out the album, I’m sure Mike was puzzled when he ripped this!

Media City Records ‎– CMC 4SAM_5997

A Gwŷr A Aeth Gatraeth 6:05
AA Truan Yw Gennyf Fi 4:56

Age Of Chance ‎– Kiss (Jack-Knife Remixes) (LTD 12″)

Going to go a bit Leftfield now for a few posts. The 80’s had a shed load of musical styles so I need to give each one a bit of exposure. So the Indie, psychobilly and sampling of Sheffield’s Age Of Chance gives us a complete rework of Prince’s “Kiss” (I wonder what he thought of it?) D.J. Chakk (Alan Cross) provides the mixes. Extended the initially very short version on the “Sonic – Crush – Symphony” beefing up the drums and running everything through the samples – the definitive version!! The 2 mixes are a shorter dub versions of the main track and a slow, less beaty, “ambient” version, “Crash Conscious” is more in the Age Of Chance style, a more electronic Clash.

Oh and Congrat’s to Carl and Nicky on their wedding, it was amazing in the Majorica sunshine – if only they played this at the disco afterwards 🙂 🙂

Fon Records ‎– AGE L5aged

A Kiss (Sonic Crush Symphony)
B1 Kiss (Your Move America)
B2 Kiss (Leeds V The Bronx)
B3 Crash Conscious

Re-Up , Re-Up, Re-Up !!!


Okay back from Sunny Spain (Majorca to be precise) and have a shed load of Re-Up requests from fellow followers. I will endeavor to get these sorted today although the Internet is barely trickling through, Zippyshare is being its usual shit self, js downloader won’t play with my Laptop (sorry Winx!) and it’s all like the late 90’s in terms of speed……….Please be patient 🙂 (Oh and off to see Kraftwerk in Dublin tomorrow!)