Snowy Red – The Right To Die (Vinyl LP)

snowywAn artist that’s new to me from Mike’s collection. Belgian synthpop by former bassist of punk band Chainsaw, Micky Mike (Marcel Thiel who died in 2009) and his second album, very rare and worth a fortune according to Discogs.

Primitive synths and tinny percussion abound, reminding me of early Human League with elements of Suicide. A definite must for analogue synth lovers and Minimal wave fans alike!

Highlights for me are the infectious “Nowhere” and the bass guitar led “Opium” with the commercial “I’m Hurt” doing a good synth rock impression!


Dirty Dance ‎– 12002


A1 Euroshima (Wardance) 4:22
A2 Nowhere 3:40
A3 I’m Hurt 2:40
A4 Never Alive 3:12
A5 Relax 4:51
B1 Opium 4:07
B2 Lies In Your Eyes 7:45
B3 Madman 3:58
B4 The Right To Die 4:35

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