Sharpe & Numan – I’m On Automatic (12″)

Okay, last trio of posts for a few days before I submerge myself into the Christmas Spirit.

From 1989 and a further collaboration between Gary Numan and ex- Shakatak keyboard player and producer, Bill Sharpe. Synth Pop with a dose of jazz, Numan mumbles his vocals which are backed up by respected session singer Tessa Niles. Ex-Shakatak drummer, Roger Odell contributes and it does resemble “Just Be Good To Me” by the SOS Band ,in places, quite poppy although the 12″ mix does toughen things up. B-sides include the slower but nice and synthy, “Love Like A Ghost” and a remix of previous single “Voices” With all that electronic percussion it is the most Mid-period, Numan sounding track of the three. Seems this is quite rare, enjoy!



Polydor ‎– PZ 43 sharpnewcov

A I’m On Automatic (12″ Remix) 7:30
B1 Love Like A Ghost 3:30
B2 Voices (’89 Remix) 5:33

3 responses

  1. Can you re post this one?

      1. You’re the best!

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