Yello – Vicious Games (12″)

The Original 12″ from 1985 and classic Yello track sung by Rush Winters. The 12″ version has no vocals at all by Dieter and is very different to the album version. Also included is the “Instrumental Version” , which is like a dub mix, loving the lead synth. B-side “Blue Nabou” – has some great, jazzy piano and is fast and furious. Enjoy!


A Vicious Games 6:50
B1 Vicious Games (Instr.) 4:12
B2 Blue Nabou 3:19

6 thoughts on “Yello – Vicious Games (12″)”

  1. Yello has been a long-time fav of mine,so its great to see all these posts, .One of my life’s biggest regrets was selling all my Yello LPs, 12’s, 7’s & Box Sets. What was I thinking?One little note — I think you’ll find that the ‘La Habinera’ track you posted is in fact’Another Race (Magician’s Version For Tempest + Cottet)’.Thanks for your hard work & — Let us know if there are any Yello tracks you’re after!

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