Yello feat. Shirley Bassey – The Rhythm Divine (12″)

The 12″ Version is quite rare and although not credited as different (on my copy) it really benefits from the extras, including a jazzy, trombone solo. After some research it might be “Version 2” because it’s nearly 7 min long. Again credit needs to go to Billy Mackenzie, who gave up the track for Miss Bassey to perform in her own, very powerful way!

Two instrumentals are on the B-side , album track “Dr Van Steiner” but without vocals. Here you can really hear the complex arrangement ,even if THAT drum roll gets a bit repetitive!”Tool In Rose” is a very atmospheric, ambient track. Quite experimental even for Mr. Blank.



A The Rhythm Divine 5:05
B1 Dr. Van Steiner (Instrumental) 4:02
B2 Tool In Rose 5:38

6 thoughts on “Yello feat. Shirley Bassey – The Rhythm Divine (12″)”

  1. Thanks for that – I never realised there was a 12" version of TRD so that’s great. btw it is only 5:05 but you’ve managed to get the intro, then a gap, and the it restarts.

  2. Nice and I do not have this one! So this is a longer version from the album version. Then you mentioned another Version (WOW! Really !!) Amazing and never knew that, wondwer if they are on Discogs unless you have all these versions. I’ll research in a bit ….Thanks !!

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