Yello – Tied Up (12″)


As the Yello fest continues…….Your daily dose for today.

The normal 12″ contains the much sparser “Tied Up (In Red)” version, which has more guitar and certainly more thunderstorms. “Wall Street Bongo” is their version of the “Dragnet” theme, all horns and orchestral crashes in a film noir / detective kind of way.


A Tied Up In Life 6:05
B1 Tied Up In Red 8:23
B2 Wall Street Bongo 3:05

Yello – Tied Up (Remix) (12″)

From 1988 and ,if I remember, came out in loads of formats and mixes. Not their strongest of tracks with the added horn section but still has a great guitar solo from Mr Hablas. From the album “Flag” this was given the Junior Vasquez treatment with the “Africa” versions. Out drumming Boris! Remixer , Zeo, gives it the big 80’s drum sounds on the “Tied Up (In Mind)” very Art Of Noise! “Oh Yeah” appears in it’s short form.


A1 Tied Up (In Life) 6:05
A2 Tied Up (In Mind) 5:51
B1 Tied Up (In Africa) (Part I) 5:52
B2 Tied Up (In African Beats) 4:23
B3 Oh Yeah 3:05

Yello – The Race (Remix) (12″)


Or the Derek “Techno” May mix as it says on the sticker on the front. Not too techno-ed and quite faithful to the original. I remember originally hating it because it sounded so robotic, particularly the bass, but it has since grown on me. On the B-side is the “ultra vivid, desirable dance remix” (according to the sticker again) of “Oh Yeah”, the definite version for me.

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A The Race (The Pits Mix) 6:21
B Oh Yeah (Dance Mix) 6:24

Yello – Call It Love (12″)

From 1987 and the MMMmmm song. More Billy Mackensie and a great guitar solo by long time stalwart Chico Hablas. It drips quality although I prefer the 7″ version to the 12″ version, the vocals are not high enough in the mix for me. It is different enough, nice and long and builds on the blissed out atmosphere. Also is the “Trego Snare Version 1” which beefs up the precussion to almost dancefloor levels. “L’Hotel” must get a special mention as a typical Boris Blank instrumental, they were only allowed one an album so this must of been left over from the studio sessions, very emotional.

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A Call It Love 7:00
B1 L’Hôtel 3:57
B2 Call It Love (Trego Snare Version) 6:26

Yello – Goldrush (12″)

Okay sleeves up, shiny suit on and moustache stuck strategically over top lip. So begins the Yello fest!

I have loved these guys since I bought “Lost Again” on 7″ Gatefold and was impressed by the 3 other tracks that I bought their album. “You Gotta Say Yes….”

This was from 1986 and features Billy Mackensie on backing vocals. For ages I thought it was some female singer! Like most fans I prefer “Goldrush I” It’s very quick, impossible to dance to and has a similar beat to Thomas Dolby’s “Hyperactive”. I still have a soft spot for the live version of “She’s Gotta Gun”- very French!


A Goldrush I 6:33
B1 Goldrush II 6:13
B2 She’s Got A Gun (Live At The Palladium N.Y.) 4:09

Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (12″)


More EBB stuff with this from 1986, still very minimal EBM with lots of chanting and still on their own label. “Fitness For Purpose” does not even have a sequencer on it just precussion and drum machine, very live sounding. The “Murderous (repetition)” track is literally the electronic backing to the main track, hypnotic to the extreme!


A Murderous 5:41
B1 Fitness To Purpose 4:53
B2 Murderous (Repetition) 5:02


Nitzer Ebb – Nitzer Ebb (Vinyl EP)


Their very first release, a four track EP from 1984 on their own Power Of Voice Communications label. It has Phil Harding (who later became inhouse producer for PWL amongst many successful 80’s Pop Acts!) at the controls who help produced a lot of their early stuff. It’s very sparse and basic EBM- simply a sequencer and live drums. For fans of DAF and early Ministry, it certainly has the DIY spirit of punk all over it.


A1 Isn’t It Funny How Your Body Works
A2 The Way You Live
B1 Crane
B2 Cold War

The Mystery Girls – Ash In Drag (12″)


Obviously not girls! Coming at you like a slightly camp Madness or early The The this came out in 1984 and was a bit of a cult hit. There is a great youtube performance here..

The extended version has lots of extra keyboard bits from producer Simon Boswell (of The Skeletal Family) but the B-side “Fire Monsters” is so pants you have got to give it a listen. But they got signed to a major (A&M Records) and sank without a trace.