Zerra 1 – A Collection

So Mike B managed to get the regular gather the free 12″ from the Ultravox tour of ’86. I checked my files and I did rip it. He also provided another twelve that I had “Rain” and I found another twelve that I ripped so let’s have a short series celebrating this nearly band.

Zerra One or 1 were an Irish ‘New Wave’ band founded in 1982 by the core duo of Paul Bell (keyboards/vocals) and guitarist Grimmo AKA Andreas Grimminger.

Ten Thousand Voices, Message From The Peoples (Alternative Version) (12″)

Released in ’84 this goes into U2 / Big Country territory. Produced by Ian Taylor it has their signature anthemic chorus and the blend of synth and guitar about the conflict in Ireland. A kids choir is mixed in towards the end, was not expecting that !!

The B-side is an exotic instrumental with the title in Gaelic meaning Freedom for everyone (I guess) Something Midge Ure would not out at the time.



Mercury – MERX 161
ATen Thousand Voices, Message From The Peoples (Alternative Version)
BSaoirse I Do Cheann

Tumbling Down (12″)

From ’84 and produced by Todd Rundgren and engineered by Chris Andersen. This is almost like an instrumental joined onto the normal track, 3 mins before any vocals. A bit Simple Minds but a good track.

“Dangerous Vision” has some crooning and some deep synths in the intro, electronic drums keeping a tribal rhythm for this strong song.



Mercury – MERX 174

ATumbling Down (Extended Version)
BDangerous Vision

Rain (Remix) (12″)

An older track getting a remix from Dave Bascombe. Quite Gothy and frantic. Originally produced by Todd Rundgren , “Nothing” is even more atmospheric Goth with a wonky synth and baritone vocals.

The last track was recorded for John Peel ‘Radio 1 Session’, November 24th 1983 and captures their live energy and sounds like New Order. Tempo changes and impassioned vocals.



Mercury – MERX 191

ARain (Remix)
B2The Other Side

Rescue Me (12″)

Barry Blue produced it and added a bit of a glitter to this Rocker. Gavin Harrison Porcupine Tree) on drums

With regards to the video; Paul Bell was quoted as saying

“”Rescue Me was used in a Phillips tv ad for Cd players (which were all the rage!) and another ad for really snazzy VHS recorders!!!??? We did four days filming, didn’t get a free CD player or VHS player, no expenses… not even a free lunch! The extras made more from the ads than we did! Oh the glamorous world of pop meets tv!”

The B-sides include two contrasting styles. “Conor Pass” is an atmospheric instrumental with plenty of synths and drum machine. Dedicated to the dramatic piece of road in County Kerry. Plenty of DX-7 chimes and marimba.

“No Longer” sounds like Thin Lizzy and was a live favourite.



Mercury – MERX 205
ARescue Me
B1No Longer
B2Connor Pass

Rescue Me (Promo 12″)

And here is my tour 12″, God knows how I got it home from the gig!! Tucked away in the actual programme.

The Power Mix has a bit more umph with more guitar riffs and cheesy synth lines. I really liked it back then, not so now it’s very American.

I also really like and still do the Tim Palmer produced “Heaven”, bright synths but a killer chorus. A song about loss.



Mercury – ZERRA 1

ARescue Me (Power Mix)
B2Rescue Me

7 thoughts on “Zerra 1 – A Collection”

  1. Great additions and I’m glad I came across this band!

    Ok so I just heard from Richard Blade (First announcement a month ago was a fake he mentioned) this time round is true DEPECHE MODE 2023 Tour and new album spring 2023! Exciting💯👏👍😃

    1. Good news Mike, I hope they come my way in NYC. But will it be the same without Fletch? Wonder how they’ll handle that? There’s an interview in Rolling Stone this week saying they don’t need to replace him. I’m guessing recorded backing then. The new album is called Memento Mori. That’s fitting.

  2. Weirdly I remember these guys although we’re getting into obscure territory here. But wait, that’s the whole point!
    Great post guys, top class stuff.
    By the way, “Saoirse I Do Cheann” is better translated as “Freedom In Your Head”.
    My wife is a native Irish speaker, so take that as gospel. Or I’ll get my head bashed in. 🙂

    1. That should have been cheann, consider it bashed:-)

      If anyone wants more, I have the 12″s of Banner Of Love, The West’s Awake, and Forever And Ever. I also have the first album. All vinyl rips and pretty decent quality.

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