L’Trimm – Drop That Bottom + Re-up (US Promo 12″)

All about the suspension at the Street Cars shows (I’m guessing). More Salt n Peppa like raps and beats from ’89.

Four short but different mixes done by the Fly Boys (Joe Stone, Larry Davis and Paul Klein)

Commercial, manufactured Hip Hop was becoming the norm.



Atlantic – PR 2914

A1Drop That Bottom (Radio Mix)3:15
A2Drop That Bottom (Jungle Mix)3:27
B1Drop That Bottom (Bass Mix)3:14
B2Drop That Bottom (Instrumental)3:14

One thought on “L’Trimm – Drop That Bottom + Re-up (US Promo 12″)”

  1. At one time late 80s there was lots of car stereo shows around here, they liked to play songs that hit hard… I was swept up in the fad for a while until I realized I could turn my 1500 watt stereo down and actually talk to those cute little girls. I found that Enya had more serious bass than most the rap songs.

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