The Arrows – I Owe You (Netherlands 12″)

The final release from Canadian New Wave The Arrows. Drum machine (it’s a 12″ mix) over a light rock arrangement produced by fellow Canadian David Tyson and band leader Dean McTaggart.

The other involved were ; Backing Vocals – Al Van Wart, Eddie Schwartz, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – Earl Seymour (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Bass Guitar – Howard Ayee (Rough Trade), Peter Bleakney (Take your pick!) Drums – Gary Craig, Michael Sloski (mmm take your pick) Guitar – Doug Macaskill, Keyboards – Rob Gusevs, Percussion – Matt Zimbel (Manteca) and Keyboards, Backing Vocals – David Tyson

It’s the 80’s so there is a large dose of sax as well as being quite funky. The Dub is very electronic and has suitably strong bass.

The B-side is an album cut , a bit AOR with a more than average dose of synths. Plenty of guitar solo’s”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1985.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A&M Records – AMS 12-9821

AI Owe You (Hot Dog Mix)7:45
B1I Owe You (Dub Mix)6:36
B2Say It Isn’t True4:10

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