NEW MUSIC SATURDAY – ERIC C. POWELL – fly away (digital album)

Excited to review a new band with a nearly fresh release, it only came out a few weeks ago!

Eric C. Powell and partner Andrea who have built up quite a catalogue of music. Four quality albums and the fifth due for a release.

From the Press Release;

“Introducing the new album from award-winning synthwave, synthpop duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell. FLY AWAY is a musical synth journey born in the desire to escape – a voyage to the center of the soul. The opening track FLY AWAY is the beginning of that journey. Rich ethereal pads and deep analog swells jettison you from the launch pad into space while voices echo “Fly Away.” Bright busts of analog sunshine make you wonder if escape is so easy as you approach your new destination. FLY AWAY is sure to please with four already-loved favorites and five stunning new tracks.”

Previously in early 90’s Californian synth band ,Turning Keys. The band produced several albums, music videos, tours, and a significant number of live performances – notably opening with Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, and Missing Persons. 

There is a certain Dream Pop element to their work. A comparison between The Beloved’s Helena Marsh and Jon Marsh. Here Andrea takes the lead with her intelligent and romantic lyrics sung with restrained passion.

“Fly Away” is a gentle harmonious track with a deep moody bass, building to a powerful electro stomp, the duet-ting vocals drifting in and out.

“Welcome To Synthtopia” sees us arrive at our destination in a brighter Blade Runner cityscape. The destination name being repeated to form part of the theme.

“Shattered Glass” makes two appearances, the Andrik Arkane introduces a vocoder Karen Carpenter-esque “Occupants” intro before kicking off some quality Synth Wave in terms of Euphoric beats with a little bit of Dub Step.

“And I Know” darkens the tone with Eric C. harmonizing his vocals perfectly. I really liked the layered arrangements.

“The Bedside Table” goes into more darker territory, the reference to a DM’s”Broken Frame” nods to the influences. Was waiting for it to lift off but it kept the mid-tempo tension throughout.

“Shattered Glass” returns in Ballad form helped by the artist Stereo In Solo, a definite album highlight. There’s a guitar solo even thrown in thanks to Stereo In Solo (Stevie Nicks would appreciate this!)

Next is the instrumental, “Crash”, heavenly choirs mix in with sequenced bass and marching synth chords.

In contrast is the piano led Ballad, “Warning Signs” and a pleasing analogue synth solo. Another album highlight, showcasing Eric’s vocals.

“Fly Away” closes the album as we return back to reality.

Out Now! Give it a listen / purchase to support the artist!

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