The Creatures ‎– Wild Things (2 x 7″)

Maybe rare ? The debut release from September ’81 from The Creatures (Siouxie and Budgie from The Banshee’s)

Percussion and the odd Marimba accompany her wail. Primeval and minimal, the six tracks feel like the duo just wanted to do something “out there” as an antithesis to their band. Budgie employs North African and Polynesian drum patterns layered over her vocals.

The cover of The Trogg’s “Wild Thing” is probably the weirdest thing you’ll hear all week. “Thumb” with the motorway ambience is the standout track, atmospheric with haunting lyrics.


Polydor ‎– POSPG 354 thingfrontcover

A1 Mad Eyed Screamer
A2 So Unreal
B But Not Them
C Wild Thing
D Thumb

2 thoughts on “The Creatures ‎– Wild Things (2 x 7″)”

  1. Love The Creatures. I great side project that took on a life of its own. These tracks were made available on the “Bestiary” compilation which I have, but am pretty sure is out of print. I’d love to have a solid Creatures box set compiling all their stuff as my collection is rather spotty.

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