SOHO – Freaky (US Promo 12″)

Alternative Dance from SOHO who were not just a the duo of black female singers as they were initially marketed but an actually indie dance band that had been going since 1988. Consisting of sisters Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cuff and Pauline Cuff, with producer Timothy London. Other members of the group over the years have been Dukie D (original programmer and electro-visionary), Liam Gillick (now a well-known artist – Gillick also contributed on turntables and drums at Soho’s early gigs), Eds Chesters (now of The Bluetones), Leigh Gorman (ex Bow Wow Wow) and Barry Smith (of Add N To X).

This was the 1990 follow-up to their Hit , “Hippychick”, a bit repetitive in terms of chorus  with a hybrid of beats and guitar licks layered over each other and plenty of beeps.

Bob Rosa and François Kevorkian add some beats and synths to the mixes. The Dub mix being very trippy, bringing out the Kraftwerk “Technopop” sample with plenty of breaks.

The J.B. mix is in fact by The Jungle Brothers, a solid bass and hip hop beats (as you’d expect) shame about the vocals.

The UK mix has plenty of layered beats and a jazzy bassline.

ATCO Records ‎– DMD 1637 SAM_5838

A1 Freaky (François’ Mix) 6:07
A2 Freaky (LP Version) 5:23
A3 Freaky (François’ Dub) 6:47
B1 Freaky (J.B. Mix) 5:20
B2 Freaky (U.K. Mix) 6:22
B3 Freaky (U.K. Instrumental) 5:49

One thought on “SOHO – Freaky (US Promo 12″)”

  1. “Freaky” was a monsta. My favorite track on the “Goddess” album, though it was all great! How I loved this band. Had tickets to see them on this tour until Savage Records [their US label] went under and withdrew support; cancelling the tour. I’ve not heard any of these mixes. What’s possibly wrong with the vocals on the JB mix? The Cuff Sisters sang like angels.

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