Berlin – Young Warrior (Canadian LP)

Back in the Room….

Early 80’s (and dipping into the late 70’s!!!) all this week with a mixture of New Wave and experimental stuff.

Kicking off is this Canadian band Berlin (Not the synthy American ones which amazingly after fighting for naming rights bankrupted them!)

Released in 1982 this was their only album with plenty the rocky guitars it is more Power Pop with some New Wave elements to my old ears. The band comprised of Steve Marian, Scott Anderson, Julian Bernas and Scott Shelson.

Quite a variety of rock based tunes even getting quite grungy in places. Produced with Terry McKeown and engineered by Dee Long it’s so obscure I’ve got no info at all on the band.

Highlights are the rock-reggae of “All For One” and synths make an appearance on “My World Is Empty Without You”

Obscure New Wave… wouldn’t expect anymore from this blog.

Freedom Records ‎– FR-012SAM_9713

A1 Nervous
A2 There’s Always A Danger
A3 Young Warrior
A4 Walking With The Shadows
A5 All For One
B1 Strange Love
B2 My World Is Empty Without You
B3 I Don’t Want To Think About It
B4 Waiting For Night
B5 Real Love


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