David Bowie – Fashion (12″)

Not so much a wow! this is an amazing 12″ version but a celebration of a classic and for me a very influential song.  Following the success of “Ashes To Ashes” this really got me into Bowie – who I thought was a bit of a relic from the 70’s and nobody looked back at that time in 1980.

Tony Visconti on production with Robert Fripp’s angry guitar howling all over it. Biographer David Buckley believed the song “poked fun at the banality of the dance-floor and the style fascists” of the New Romantic movement. What ever the songs interpretation it’s a belter. The 12″ has the full version with album track “Scream Like A Baby” which returns to a more glam rock stomp.


RCA ‎– BOW T 7fashionfrontcov

A Fashion 4:46
B Scream Like A Baby 3:35

3 thoughts on “David Bowie – Fashion (12″)”

  1. just fyi- you may want to check out bowie’s album ‘Low” if you want to really know bowie’s influence on everything you and I love about the 80’s.

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