The Damned – Grimly Fiendish (12″)

Strangely this year’s Autumn trip to Whitby is not on or near Halloween but coincides with Bonfire Night ? This track is my little tribute to Whitby and it’s dark visitors who are the most friendliest bunch I know. This is one of my favourite Damned tracks, from 1985, produced in the same light hearted vein as a Goth Madness by Bob Sargeant, slightly extended for your listening pleasure. B-side , “Edward The Bear” has a definite Who influence via The Stranglers with that constant organ riff.

As it is Halloween all links have been resurrected for that date from the past years . So expect Skinny Puppy, Grace Jones, Phil Fearon and Galaxy, (!)

MCA Records ‎– GRIMT 1grim

A Grimly Fiendish (Spic ‘N’ Span Mix) 5:19
B Edward The Bear 3:50

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