Army Of Lovers ‎– Crucified / Ride The Bullet (US 12″)

A camp Halloween party tune up next from 1992. The Worldwide, Abba sounding, hit appeared as a double A-side with “Ride The Bullet” in the States. All mixes were done by DNA (UK producers Nick Batt and Neal Slateford) in a high camp, Eurohouse style. The interesting mixes are the bands own; hip hop beats on the slower “Teknostalgia Mix”, the Paul Dakeyne “Crucifixion Mix” is the harder of the mixes with acid bleeps and rave overtones and minimum vocals, the funky drummer breaks on the “Yherushalaim Mix” is the best of the bunch.

“Ride The Bullet” is more of a mid-paced groover, reminds me of Dee-lite. With a slight disco element and powerful diva vocals. The video reminds me of the TV show Eurotrash.


Giant Records ‎– 0-40351crucify2

A1 Crucified (Judas Mix) 6:47
A2 Crucified (Judas Mix Instrumental) 6:38
A3 Crucified (Judas Mix Dubstrumental) 4:19
A4 Crucified (Teknostalgia Mix) 4:14
B1 Ride The Bullet (The DNA Remix) 4:54
B2 Ride The Bullet (The DNA Remix Dub) 5:42
B3 Crucified (Yherushalaim Mix) 7:40
B4 Crucified (Crucifixion Mix) 5:09

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