Go – Go’s – Cool Jerk (US Promo 12″)

The classic All American Girl band, the Go – Go’s, reformed and released this old hit, a cover of the The Capitols 60’s classic, polished up for 1990. It was to promote a compilation hit called “Greatest”, the usual record company trick. Sparse production with sampled bass and programmed drums, the Synclavier had had a busy day under the studio wizardy of David Z and Chep Nunez. Sounding very much like the B-52’s Bizzarely there is a rather good reggae dub mix ,remixed by Justin Strauss and Daniel Abraham, that works better than the 7″ mix, a couple killer dubs here as well.



I.R.S. Records ‎– 75021 7480 1coolinner

A1 Cool Jerk (12″ Vocal Mix) 6:26
A2 Cool Jerk (12″ Dub Mix) 5:35
A3 Cool Jerk (7″ Remix) 3:50
B1 Cool Jerk (12″ Reggae Mix) 5:30
B2 Cool Jerk (12″ Reggae Dub Mix) 5:04
B3 Cool Jerk 3:07

6 thoughts on “Go – Go’s – Cool Jerk (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Dear friend, I don’t want to abuse, but i would be very happy If you reuploaded this one. Thanks in advance 😉

  2. HI…any chance you can re-up this Go-Go’s Cool Jerk 12′ ? love that you have it!! i’ve been searching for it forever~ Thank you in advance for all you do. your friend Shae from America.

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