Soft Cell – Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (Mini Album)

Dug this out from the files of old. The very first remix album released with tracks from the debut album remixed in New York, with the band soaking up the City’s nightlife under the influence of MDM ( not New York but Leeds !!)

So I recorded this as 2 files, Side 1 and Side 2 as it was designed to be played all the way through as the tracks blend into each other. Love to here the remix of “Insecure Me..?” that appeared on the American release.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZX 1012dancecov

A1 Memorabilia 5:22
A2 Where Did Our Love Go 4:12
A3 What 4:33
B1 A Man Could Get Lost 4:05
B2 Chips On My Shoulder 4:26
B3 Sex Dwarf

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