Soft Cell – Bedsitter (12″)

I keep seeing this twelve inch whilst digging for twelves, I’ve had it for a long time so if you do come across a copy pick one up, it’s worth it.

The follow up to “Tainted Love” as with most Soft Cell 12″s you get extra verses, horn treatments, added synths and here Bedsitter treats us to an early Marc Almond rap, that anyone cool would recite whilst on the 80’s dancefloor. For me it’s all about the twangy synth and the crashing drum machine.

“Facility Girls” is much slower and very dark, with customary out of tune singing and telling you the full story over the 7 minutes.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZS 612bedsitter

Early Morning Dance Side
A Bedsitter 7:53
Late Night Listening Side
B Facility Girls 7:17

Soft Cell – Torch (12″)

So first one from me for Soft Cell Day is this one from 1982 and released just before “It’s A Mugs Game.” Mellow with that soothing trumpet of  John Gatchell, the full version has the spoken interview with Cindy Ecstasy, a fellow Blitz clubber. Again a superb 12″ version at over eight and a half minutes, producer Mike Thorne was at the top of his game. “Insecure Me” has some superb lyrics and has a rhythm backing a bit similar to Sex Dwarf. Saxophone is provided by Dave Tofani. Enjoy it was great hearing these again.


Some Bizzare ‎– BZS 912torchfront

A Torch
B Insecure Me

Soft Cell Day!!! Soft Cell – It’s A Mugs Game (US 12″)


After making a conscious decision to make this forage into the 80’s as random as possible (like being in a Vinyl Record shop Bargain Bin) I’ve now on the third “Special Day” as I had a load of stuff I thought was on here / should be on here but wasn’t.

Did not know about the existence of this US only release, their debut release in America. Released in 1982 on the tiny, independent Amnesia Record label. This was originally the B-side of “Where The Heart Is.” with the usual witty lyrics, hypnotic bass and superb trumpet, it all works. An anthem of misspent youth Backed by the controversial “Sex Dwarf” this was definitely marketed at the club scene !!!



Amnesia Records ‎– AM-62201-1SAM_2481

A It’s A Mug’s Game (12″ Version) 8:10
B1 It’s A Mug’s Game (Single Version) 5:28
B2 Sex Dwarf (Album Version) 5:15

Spandau Ballet – Glow / Muscle Bound (12″)

Their 3rd Single released in March 1981 was a double A side.

The 12″ single is titled “Glow” with an extended version of “Glow” on the A-side and a remix of “Muscle Bound” on the B-side. “Glow” is quite synthy but very funky with a mighty long precussion break in the middle of this massive 8 minute mix.

“Muscle Bound” is just a bit weird, a homo-erotic work shanty, it plods along with bits of mandolin, quite a fab video though!

Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2509glowcov

A Glow 8:10
B Muscle Bound 4:54

Spandau Ballet – The Freeze (12″)

I prefer this to “To Cut Along Story Short” and it was their follow up single (released January 1981) A really good 12″ with plenty of flanging and phasing around, it builds up nicely and has a typical funky bass with glacial synths. Hadley doesn’t half sound a bit croaky in places.

(Listening to the recording it is a little static tinged on the normal version the Special Mix managed to escape!)

Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2486freezecov

A1 The Freeze 4:35
A2 The Freeze (Special Mix) 6:30

Spandau Ballet – To Cut A Long Story Short (12″)

Cannot miss this out!! This was New Wave and released back in November 1980, it does have that nice synth bass line, amplified and extended on the 12″ mix. I think the video was shot in the then newly opened London Dungeon. Mix 2 is more an instrumental and is very electronic. Both were produced by Richard James Burgess.

NEW LINK 2018 (Again!!!!!!!!!)

Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2473longinner

A To Cut A Long Story Short (Mix 1) 6:30
B To Cut A Long Story Short (Version) (Mix 2) 3:56

Spandau Ballet ‎– Only When You Leave (12″)

Going to 1984 and this see’s Ballet at the height of their popularity. With the Swain/Jolley production team this was slicker than a greased, bald head. Coffee table , white boy soul with the extended version showing how good musicians they were and not just pretty faces.

B-side is a lively version of “Paint Me Down” with Hadley working the crowd as he probably does now on the 80’s reunion circuit.

Chrysalis ‎– spanx 3onlycov

A Only When You Leave (Extended Mix) 6:45
B1 Only When You Leave 4:48
B2 Paint Me Down (Recorded Live)

Spandau Ballet – Instinction (12″)

More Ballet and from 1982 and a good value 12″ because you get a remix of “Chant Number 1″ as a bonus with it’s rap and everything, so much so that looking at the original file I included 2 versions (one clean one from a CD!!!) The title track even has the involvement, alongside Burgess, of Trevor Horn and you can tell with all the additional synths. Mad song though a bit of a mix of styles. Shame I’ve not come across a 12” version. (there was one released in America) The B-side is decent as well, “Gently,” reminds me of The Chauffeur by Duran Duran.


Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2602instinct

A Instinction 3:36
B1 Chant No. 1 (Remix) 8:03
B2 Gently 4:01

Spandau Ballet – Paint Me Down (12″)

Release the Ballet !!!! (I’ve got more than I thought!) From the previous year and certainly tapping into the New Wave sound and scene at the time. Funky bass and additional percussion and quite a heavy guitar riff! Produced by Richard James Burgess (Landscape) this has the customary, alternative, instrumental version on the B-side “Re Paint.”

Remember this in Unoffical Spandau Ballet so all their links have been re-upped.

Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2560paintcov

A Paint Me Down 7:06
B Re•Paint 6:54