Figures On The Beach – Swimming (US Promo 12″)


From 1983 and completely missing out on 1982 (On this sweep it appears I have no vinyl from that year and neither has Mike !!!) So another debut on this blog for Detroit’s synth rockers Figures On The Beach and their debut release. Produced by Ben Grosse with vocals sounding a bit like The Associates with a nice mix of acoustic guitar alongside the synths, they so want to be European and do a good job sounding like they do. It’s all good stuff with a remix by the ubiquitous remixer of the era, Ivan Ivan.


Metro-America ‎– MA-1003SAM_7794

A Swimming (Wet Mix) 6:30
B1 Swimming (Radio Edit) 3:37
B2 Swimming (Standard Version) 5:00

4 thoughts on “Figures On The Beach – Swimming (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Just got caught up on your shares. I’m looking forward to these and nice seeing Daryl Hall,Elvis costello,Bowie in there too

      1. No! Long story short, but I may rework everything and put the page up. Just basic quick page setup for now because I was going to get on Richard Blades page and his 1st Wave (SiriusXM-satellite Radio) Request page. Still have not proceeded…..

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