Soft Parade – Nobody Told You Anything (Vinyl E.P.)

Hailing from the NetherlaImagends and taking the name from the famous Doors album. They actually made up fake English names (Blue Woodstone(?), Dick Davis, Eric Mason, Jay P. Simms, Edward Manning, June Wright and Sukey Miller- obviously some are more convincing than others!)  to try to muscle in on the guitar pop resurgence in England. This was their debut release from 1991 and is an interesting 4 tracker. The title tracks sounds a bit like Talking Heads (via Flaming Lips) with some added trombone! “Cry All Over Me” has a gentle 60’s sound to it, showing that Doors influence. “Lou Reads Books” is just mad, psychedelia that the Polyphonic Spree would nod in agreement at. “Heart and Sunshine” is a lively, live jam and finishes this excellent little vinyl gem.

1 Nobody Told You Anything
2 Cry All Over Me
3 Lou Reads Books
4 Heart And Sunshine

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