The High – Lost And Found (12″)


Proper Madchester stuff now from 1991 and the second single by The High. Comprised of ex members of The Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets it is suitably dreamy with breathy vocals. Legendary Factory producer, Martin Hannett, did some of his last production work with them before his untimely death in April 1991.This 12″ was produced by John Williams (Housemartins, Blancmange, Simple Minds!) Overlooked by people who thought they knew the scene just from The Roses et al they had a distinct etheral quality, their sound crystal clear but understated. B-sides include a tabla infused mix of the main track (Williams Blancmange connection perhaps?) and reminds me of 80’s guitar stuff in a very good way!!! “Make It Happen” has the psychedelia stamp on it and rounds off a tasty and rare bit of vinyl.

A   Up And Down 4:13  
B1   Make It Happen 3:19  
B2   Bombay Mix 5:12  

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