Blue Rondo – Slipping Into Daylight (12″)


A slimmed down version of the band (from 7 to 3 members) and a smaller name (from Blue Rondo A La Turk) this came out in the UK in 1984 and is more in of your “Wham” style pop/funk than the Latin tinged earlier stuff. Legendary producer, Paul “Groucho” Smykle was drafted in to mix the “Crucial Cut” version, with extra funk.


A Slipping Into Daylight (Extended Version) 8:20
B Slipping Into Daylight (Crucial Cut) 7:54

10 thoughts on “Blue Rondo – Slipping Into Daylight (12″)”

  1. Loved this song. I got it on 7" single. I remembered hearing on the radio and couldn’t figure out how to write the bands name!

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Till toady I got only one hero in my life, Mr. Ben Cartwright of Bonanza fame, who taught me a lot about life, when I was kid…;-)) now there is a second hero, and, of course, I don’t mean the Blue Rondo guys!

    1. Thank you very much again!!! What you’re doing (all your work, not only the Blue Rondo re-up) means a lot to me!!!

  3. As it seems you re-up this every two or three years, can I humbly ask for New Links 2021? Thanks!

  4. Thanks! I just wanted it for the completist in me, sure nothing like the previous singles. “Klacto” has not aged a bit, still hypnotic and fascinating, This, err, well, above average if you must, but nothing like the fun in previous issues. But you spoil me, anyway. Thanks again!

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