Wax – American English (Vinyl LP)

From 1987 and their second album from Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman (ex-10cc) All sparkerly production and with one eye on the American market this is your classic electronic/rock ala Go West etc…

Their biggest hit, “Bridge To Your Heart” was off this album and ,altogether, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, I love the Englishness, pastoral feel to “The Passion” tho but some of it is a bit cliched.



A1 American English 4:25
A2 In Some Other World 4:45
A3 Ready Or Not 3:31
A4 Call It Destiny 4:03
A5 Bridge To Your Heart 4:14
B1 Share The Glory 3:56
B2 Alright Tonight 4:14
B3 The Promise 3:14
B4 Heaven In Her Bed 4:36
B5 Bug In The Machine 4:21

4 thoughts on “Wax – American English (Vinyl LP)”

      1. Cool, thanks bunches! I’ve been looking around for this for a while. Greatly appreciated.

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