Hilt – Call The Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself (Vinyl LP)


Shoegaze Industrial anyone? From 1989 and with more of it’s fair share of Skinny Puppy (most of them were involved) It’s more guitar orientated , (“Baby Fly Away” even sounds like Ride!) but has some electronic menace in most of the tracks. Punky and “loud and fast” in places, very interesting and doesn’t sound bad for costing less than $15,000 to make. Stoner vocals care of Alan Nelson.

A1 Hilter 5:05
A2 Stone Man 5:15
A3 Down On Mommys Farm 3:19
A4 Baby Fly Away 3:30
A5 Lets Fall Out 4:20
B1 Get Stuck 4:50
B2 Septic 2:38
B3 Im Standing On The Rim 5:20
B4 Back To Insanity 3:12
B5 Jah Mon Rasta 2:23
B6 Come Alive 3:25


One thought on “Hilt – Call The Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself (Vinyl LP)”

  1. Thank you for this one! Really interesting. I do like Skinny Puppy, but I’ve never heard Hilt before now. Bit patchy, but there’s a couple of pretty good tracks here. On a related note, I keep meaning to get more Tear Garden (w/ Edward Ka Spel)…

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