Greater Than One – All The Masters Licked Me (Vinyl LP)


As followers of the original 80’s and 90’s Gems blogs I was an avid follower of Lee Newman (RIP) and Michael Wells as they gave us their own unique take on electronics and sampling and how they morphed into the successful and respected techno duo of GTO/John & Julie/Tricky Disco of the early 90’s. This was their second album from 1987 on the indie label Side Effects Records and is very much in their avant garde phase, very Art Of Noise-on-a-budget in places. 18 short, weird tracks , you just have to look at their titles. for the rip I just did it in 2 MP3 files (Side 1 & 2) because most of the tracks are mixed together.

1-1 Exorcising Julie 2:38
1-2 The Intelligence Of Natives 1:28
1-3 The Sweet Smell Of A Supermarket On Fire 1:57
1-4 Trendy Afrika 1:07
1-5 Everything Is In A State Of Flux 1:43
1-6 The Rape Of Sam The Fox (Theme) 5:17
1-7 Kill That Parent 2:17
1-8 Lost Underground 2:54
1-9 We Don’t Have Weekends 5:09
1-10 We Are The People With The Human Fist 3:58
1-11 Psychotherapy 1:25
1-12 Sweet Satellite 3:09
1-13 We Hate America And America Hates Us 1:57
1-14 We’re O.K. 2:22
1-15 Dick Heads 3:35
1-16 Slog On (Dead Beat) 2:34
1-17 Straight Plague 0:53
1-18 Bad Love



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