Madonna – Borderline (12″)


I was always partial to a bit of early Madonna, classic 80’s Synthpop. I didn’t know this was her 7th single from way back in 1983. It has the typical Jellybean production, shiny and slick and a decent B-side in “Physical Presence” A bit of a forgotten hit of hers with it’s U.S. and Dub mixes. I await my first takedown notice!!!

NEW LINKSSS er coming……


3 thoughts on “Madonna – Borderline (12″)”

  1. I’m off to see Madonna in July, 7 girls from work and me, not forgetting the token gay guy. I’m the straight guy, buy the way. Thanks for the post. I owned this, probalby still do, but no record player.

    1. Can’t seem to find this, I think you requested some more but they appeared in my Spam folder which automatically empties. If you want to resubmit I’ll see what I can do!

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