Fini Tribe – Make It Internal (12″)


From 1987 and  the one with church bells on (subtitled “Detestimony Revisited” – even though Detestimony came out after it?) This is a classic slab of Wax Trax industrial with Chris Connelly being snarling and menacing on vocals. Long time electronic producer, Trigger, is on engineering duties. Samples are shoe horned in whilst we get mad precussion over that industrial , goose-step, beat.

A1 Make It Internal (Intergrity Mix)
A2 Little Visitors
B1 Make It Internal (Here We Go Round the Mulberry Mix)

2 thoughts on “Fini Tribe – Make It Internal (12″)”

  1. De-Testimony came out in 86 – was on the Let the tribe Grow 12" and came out again in 88 with Scooby Doo samples galore

  2. Oh, now I see ! Thanks for the info. So the Scooby sampled one was a later mix and it’s also here on this very same blog

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