Peter Hope & Richard H Kirk – Leather Hands (12″)


Feeling a bit obscure today, keeping with the original ethos of the blog, finding those undiscovered gems.

Venturing into the realms of electro funk from Sheffield duo Peter Hope (a well known face around the club and music scene in the city at the time) and Cabaret Voltaires Richard Kirk. I got to admit when I first heard it I thought it was Cabs Stephen Mallinder on vocal duties, they sound that similar! 3 good mixes , with harsh, jarring samples -a bit like the stuff from “The Arm Of The Lord”. The “Master Mix” is over 10 mins long. From 1985 on Double Vision Records, it was only released as a 12″

NEW LINK 2020 !!

Doublevision ‎– DVR 15leatherfrontcov


  1. Leather Hands (Master Mix)


  1. Leather Hands (Radio Mix)
  2. Leather Hands (Crash Mix)

7 thoughts on “Peter Hope & Richard H Kirk – Leather Hands (12″)”

  1. Djjedredy,

    Hope all is well and enjoying your vinyl from recent trips.
    If you can find this one (hope you can find this one) and revive, put some life back into this one!!

    Thank you, much appreciated!!


    1. djjedredy,
      It’s been over a year since I requested for you to find this 12er. So I’m hoping when you can, to track this down and reload this puppy for me.

      As long as you have it, I hope (Somewhere?). The other request was Torture by King. No need for that one I actually found a copy of that one.

      I would Rather own the physical vinyl if I can, and always preferred vinyl!!!

  2. Hi there, I hope you are well, and staying safe. Would it be possible to reup, PETER HOPE & RICHARD H KIRK – LEATHER HANDS (12″) please. Many thanks & very best wishes Mark

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