Talk Talk – Dum Dum Girl (12″)


Some Talk Talk from 1984 and a bit of a forgotten song by them. I still can’t believe people think of them as Synth Pop , more New Wave/Alternative to me. It’s the high production skills of Tim Friese-Green that defined the bands sound and the mix of technology was never the sole instrumental source. A great 12″ btw with 2 good mixes of the title track , a great dub mix of “Such a Shame” (Mr Disco?) and “Without You” with the 12″ mix spoiling the original great B-side (still reminds me of Style Council!!), which makes it seem to drag!

NOOOOO!!!! It’s Gone!!!!!

A1. Dum Dum Girl (12″ Mix) 5:23
A2. Such A Shame (Dub Mix) 6:30
B1. Without You (12″ Mix) 5:54
B2. Dum Dum Girl (7″ US Mix) 3:39

8 thoughts on “Talk Talk – Dum Dum Girl (12″)”

  1. i hear you, of course, I don’t know what i was thinking

    …. actually I do know: I was thinking, that IF there was a PM system here, i could give Manuel, in private, the music he wants (and something tells he would mind much what was the source), giving you more time to prepare tracks that are vinyl-only and never came out on CD

      1. well i could use any from a number of filehosters, but if i put the link here, ie in public, your blog will be exposed the same regardless

        only sending the link in a private message would make it different from a liability point of view

        nvm, it’s already more hassle than the topic deserves, I am back to lurk mode

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