RAF – Self Control (Spanish 12″)

Debut release from Italian Raffaele Riefoli from ’84.

He is the co-author of the original version of “Self Control”, very popular for the remake made by producers Robbie Buchanan and Harold Faltermeyer and singer Laura Branigan.

This was arranged by Celso Valli and produced by Giancarlo Bigazzi in a cool Italo Disco vibe, slower than Branigan’s version, not sure about that the cheesy Rap towards the end, shame.

Pure synthpop loveliness on the B-side , a bit of a nod to Heaven 17’s “Let Me Go” in places. Quite a strong B-side.



Carrere – CRE A 12.4338

ASelf Control6:08
BRunning Away5:40

3 thoughts on “RAF – Self Control (Spanish 12″)”

  1. Been out for a while, and when I am back I find this perfect example of what EuroDisco should be – down to the fake moniker and awful cover. The song is incredible, avoid at all cost the Laura Brannigan version. Thanks!

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