The Big Music ‎– Cold Emotion (12″)

Obscure band of the month (not had one of these for a while)

A trio of Mark Platz, Mike Scott and Phil Scott who were all in another short lived band called East Of Java but changed their name to this and released their fourth and final single in October ’86 and then got dropped by RCA.

All synth horns and one string bass with some guitar on top and some backing vocals given it a commercial shine. It was produced by Gary Bell. There was a song in there.

There’s a cover of the Bob Dylan standard, rattling drum machines and a bit of a gospel feel, it’s almost a House / Dance version with the intro then goes into glam mode, very Roxy Music, they even add the “Virginia Plain” into it! A bizarre listen with a canned audience cheering at the end.

RCA ‎– PT 40908

ACold Emotion (The Big Version)
B1A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall (The Hard Version)
B2Cold Emotion (The Small Version)

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