Kate Bush ‎– Love And Anger (12″)

A couple from this legend, from her 90’s output which often gets overlooked.

From 89/90 is this track from “The Sensual World” , and the “Single Mix” by Kevin Killen and recorded by long time collaborator Del Palmer.

Guest musicians include Floyd’s Dave Gilmour on guitar, Bass – John Giblin, Drums – Stuart Elliott (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel) – Valiha (a tubed zither) – Paddy Bush (Kate’s brother’s)

“Ken” is a fun, throwaway song about GLC Leader and the first democratically-elected Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone , a very lively Pop tune! It appeared at the end of a Comic Strip Episode, ‘The Comic Strip : G.L.C. The Carnage Continues’ (to be exact) and reminds me of Duran Duran’s “View To A Kill” ! Love the way Robbie Coltrane played Ken as Charles Bronson.

“The Confrontation” is more a Techy instrumental, with lots of sampler action, a bit Jan Hammer and showing a different side to Bush’s many talents.

“One Last Look…” is a short, piano and strings instrumental, short and sweet.



EMI ‎– 12EM 134

ALove And Anger4:41
B1Ken (From The Comic Strip Film “GLC”)3:48
B2The Confrontation2:56
B3One Last Look Around The House Before We Go…1:00

2 thoughts on “Kate Bush ‎– Love And Anger (12″)”

  1. This was the last thing Kate Bush did that I liked. “Ken” was a fantastic B-side! And the A-side was the one song on “The Sensual World” that I enjoyed. But I’ve been over Kate Bush for almost 30 years now. It’s hard to believe that the candle ever burned that brightly to begin with but I think it was down to first hearing her album “The Dreaming,” when it came out in 1982. Though by now I have sold off all of my Kate Bush collection [I had the boxed set, “This Woman’s Work” in the Japanese configuration], that’s the one album I will eventually re-purchase when I find a used CD somewhere.

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