Hallowe’en treat – various – hot tracks series 5 issue 9 (2 x Promo 12″)

Been battling with Corona Virus all week, not pleasant at all! As if this year needed anymore Horror Shows. Mike B (the one and only!) offered this to us ages ago and I’ve waited and waited to release this at the suitable time of the year.

Featuring plenty of Alfred Hitchcock, A Yello Medley and obviously Ministry, it has even a sound effect track, this is a curio amongst the Hot Tracks promos.

Starting with a very long “Edit” version of The Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way” – turning it into a purer synth track for the intro and long percussive breaks. Completed by Randy Dethman and Aron Siegal it is nearly 9 minutes long and great mix of a classic that few will have heard.

Kenny Loggins gets the Hot Tracks treatment with the track “Playing With The Boys”, Mike Carroll extends the “Top Gun” track, including the promo vid which is quite horrific in its own way! Making good use of the long intro, thank God it wasn’t the overplayed “Footloose”

The late Chicago DJ, Mark “Hot Rod” Trollan does a great job on the Yello Medley combining some select tracks from “You’ve Gotta Say Yes..” and “Stella” and including some B-sides!!!

Trollan then takes over most of the compilation editing the classic Ministry track, chopping it into Freestyle beats.

He combines two Severed Heads tracks expertly. Love the croony synthpop of “Petrol”.

Trollan then updates the Classic Disco funk of 5 of the Deadly Sins originally done in 1977 by producers Laurin Rinder and W. Michael Lewis. A bit of Moebius and their shimmering synth work is mixed in towards the end.

The last track is just your normal 70’s sound effects, the woman screaming is a bit grim.

Enjoy and Keep Spooked!



Hot Tracks ‎– SA 5-9

A1CommunardsDon’t Leave Me This Way (Edit Version)8:50
A2Kenny LogginsPlaying With The Boys (Recreational Edit)7:40
Yello Medley15:47
BaYelloCiel Ouvert
BbYelloPumping Velvet
BcYelloBlue Nabou
BeYelloThe Roxy Cut Pt 1
BfYelloLost Again
BgYelloThe Roxy Cut Pt 2
BhYelloNo More Words
BjYelloI Love You
BkYelloVicious Games
BlYelloOh Yeah
BmYelloHeavy Whispers
C2Severed HeadsDead Eyes Opened & Petrol9:00
Deadly Medley15:55
D1aRinder & LewisLust
D1bRinder & LewisGluttony
D1cRinder & LewisBlue Steel
D1dRinder & LewisSloth
D1eRinder & LewisAnger
D1fMoebiusMirror Of Infinity
D2VariousSpecial Spooky Effects5:56

6 thoughts on “Hallowe’en treat – various – hot tracks series 5 issue 9 (2 x Promo 12″)”

  1. Corona!?! Damn, and still running the blog as if nothing happened.
    Take care and get well soon, as if that is possible with Corona, phew!

  2. Stay Strong,💪🙏 Hope you can recover quickly💯👏👍👌✌️😃
    Sending the nurse over I’ll have to keep checking on ya mate😁
    Appreciate your blogging efforts during these times💯👏✌️😃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  3. Prayers up for ya Sir! I don’t want anything to do with the Chi-Com (underlying conditions). But those I have known that got it did fine…

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