Oingo Boingo – The MCA Years – Part 2 – (3 x 12″)

From 1987 and covered with Synclavier is this quick tempo-ed dance track. The horns and muscianship is still there. This an extremely rare 12″. Remixed by Boris Granich and  Christer Modig (Swedish Chris) (The Powermixers) with Paul Brown, taking out quite a lot of the guitars on the dance mix. An alternative Wedding song ?



MCA Records ‎– MCA-23752 SAM_9113

A Not My Slave (Club Dub Mix) 7:40
B Not My Slave (Extended Remix) 5:52

From 1989 and the calmer paced and groovy track , until it bursts into a huge chorus section. Another rare promo from the US , they didn’t release much stuff in the UK. From the soundtrack of “Ghostbusters II” “Give Up The Ghost” is a repeated line. It later appeared on the 1990 album, “Dark At The End of The Tunnel” It has a slight Caribbean feel to it, with chiming Jupiter 8’s and the extended version goes into a jungle vibe.



MCA Records ‎– L33-18005 SAM_9153

A Flesh And Blood (Extended Version) 5:39
B1 Flesh And Blood (Instrumental) 4:06
B2 Flesh And Blood (7″ Version) 4:05

Your weekly dose of Arthur Baker !!!

Dipping our toes into 1990 now and you can immediately tell because of the amount of mixes you get on a single 12″ – 6 here to choose from.

A bit like an electronic Crowded House on the “Power Mix” and the truest version of a great song.

Unfortunately the Funky Drummer mixes use that overused drum loop, shame but Arthur Baker still tries to make it interesting adding a deep bass and plenty of chopping edits by Omar Santana. The Funky Vocal is okay, some nice synth strings.

Oingo Boingo go ECO – House on the B-side.

The  Madonna Vogue deep bass and House beats are on all these mixes. “Environmental Mix” has all the Jungle animal samples but hardly any vocals, The “Outer Control Dub” is a bit overlong but has some good drops and some vocal clips. The “Fingertips Vocal” adds the vocals and takes the best from the other 2 previous mixes.




MCA Records ‎– MCA-24022 SAM_9186

A1 Out Of Control (Funky Vocal Mix) 7:14
A2 Out Of Control (Funky Drummer Dub) 5:42
A3 Out Of Control (Power Mix) 4:17
B1 Out Of Control (Fingertips Vocal Mix) 7:35
B2 Out Of Control (Outer Control Dub) 9:01
B3 Out Of Control (Environmental Mix) 4:46

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