Freiheit ‎– Romancing In The Dark (CD Rip) LINK ADDED!!!

Euro Rock from Munich’s Freiheit with their 1987 release. The Quintet comprised of Bass, Vocals – Michael Kunzi, Drums – Rennie Hatzke, Guitar, Vocals – Aron Strobel, Keyboards – Alex Grünwald and Keyboards, Vocals – Stefan Zauner.

Produced by Armand Volker (who was in the Swiss Prog Rock band – Tea) It was the first English language album by the German band – Münchener Freiheit, to give them their full name. Okay if you like some AOR, inoffensive and well crafted with some nice synth work.

*Correction it isn’t a bad album, reminding me of E.L.O. on a repeat listen!

It would help if it had a link!!!

CBS ‎– CBS 450918 1frei

A1 Every Time
A2 Romancing In The Dark
A3 Play It Cool
A4 When I Dance With You
B1 Back To The Sunshine
B2 Baby It’s You
B3 Hide Away
B4 Oh Baby
B5 When Lovers Cry

2 thoughts on “Freiheit ‎– Romancing In The Dark (CD Rip) LINK ADDED!!!”

  1. I guess “Baby It’s You” is “Tausend Mal Du” but is there also an english version of “ohne dich schlaf ich heut nacht”

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